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All Day Hey! 2020

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Today marks one week since the All Day Hey virtual conference. This year was my first time attending All Day Hey and my first virtual conference. Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, All Day Hey was not able to be hosted in Leeds, UK, so Josh Nesbitt, Harry Roberts, Phil Hawksworth and the rest of the All Day Hey team had to come up with a quick turn-around to make All Day Hey virtual... And they went above and beyond!

Josh Nesbitt, Phil Hawksworth, Harry Roberts
Josh Nesbitt, Phil Hawksworth, Harry Roberts at All Day Hey! 2020

An affordable live-streamed, full-day conference for designers & front-end developers.

Vitaly Friedman – Smart Interface Design Patterns

The day began with Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine discussing modern design patterns; the dos and don'ts of UI/UX and front-end in 2020. After reading the schedule for the day, this was the talk I was looking forward to the most, it seemed really up my street.

I really learned a lot from Vitaly. I'm really happy with the way he explained why we should or shouldn't do something in a particular way, for example, don't hide the important stuff. This is obvious but something we all do. Put into context, he proceeded to use a hamburger icon as an example. A hamburger icon to represent a dropdown menu is very common, but did we actually stop to think that the user can't actually see the content hidden within it? It could contain something important, something that could make the business money... With strong evidence from popular website's analytics, this really got me thinking how I should rethink my approach to UI/UX.

Charlotte Dann – Pixels, In-Real-Life

Charlotte Dann blew the audience away with her CSS art! The founder of Hexatope showed off stunning examples of her work and how a simple CSS algorithm can have unexpected, weird and wonderful outcomes. The power of nth-child() astounded us all. Definitely inspired me to look into doing some CSS art that's more interesting than my pixel art R2-D2.

See the Pen nth-child Art by @pouretrebelle on CodePen.

Charlotte then went on to explain how she evolved a university project, involving hexagons, into a brilliant business idea, Hexatope. I'm a big fan of this! I love how a customer can actually use the online application Charlotte built, purchase it and receive a 3D model of their creation - jewellery. I do recommend this as a gift for anyone who likes to live an interesting life.

Eli Schutze Ramirez – What Is the Deal With Internationalisation?

It was evident Eli is passionate about internationalisation, with very good reason! This is too often overlooked. I admit, it's not something I've been overly fussed about, simply because I personally have never had a problem with language barriers on the web, but now I think about it and that is quite ignorant of me.

With the stats Eli provided about the number of English websites compared to the number of English users, we were surprised. Approximately 51% of the world's websites are English, but only approximately 25% of users on the web actually speak English - shocking 🤯.

Eli suggested some excellent resources to use when thinking about internationalisation. The biggest tip I will take away from Eli's talk is, "If you are going to test one other language than English, test German. I guarantee you German will break your website, because they have the longest words." It's true, German does have some pretty long words.

Lightning talks ⚡

Kim Johannesen - Creating an Accessible Button

Kim Johannesen gave a really informative demonstration on a topic I am particularly interested in, accessibility, specifically creating an accessible button. Some really useful and vital key points were mentioned, for example, the use of the .sr-only class for icon-only buttons, the use of the -ms-high-contrast media query and using the :hover and :focus pseudo-classes.

See the Pen Accessible button 06 by @kimblim on CodePen.

Grace Zarczynska - Ways to Speed Up Your Coding

Grace Zarczynska listed out all her top tips to speed up your coding. This is not to make your employer happy, but to make you feel better about yourself, knowing that you are organised before you rush into coding. Some really useful advice, some obvious, some not so obvious but always good to have someone remind you because we can all get the feeling of, "Ah it'll be fine", then panic later.

Klara Fleischmann - Find What Works for You

Klara probably spoke about the most relatable thing to me to date in my career, finding what works for you. She focuses on entering the world of development and how overwhelming it can be to begin with. Something I struggled with was knowing what's what. What's back-end? What's front-end? What does 'native' mean? She gave a very inspiring talk about finding your own path, ensuring you are always doing something you enjoy and find interesting!

It's your journey, no-one will, or should decide for you
- Klara Fleischmann

Simona Cotin - Serverless at the End of the Universe

I have to admit, I knew absolutely nothing about serverless when Simona began her talk. But I take my hat off to Simona for her delivery, from the atmosphere that was happening in the Slack channel, Simona's talk seemed to really get people excited, which I'm glad about. I also came away with a little serverless knowledge I may progress on in the future.

Asim Hussain – Principles of Green Application Architecture Design

This is new to me. I never thought software development would ever involve 'thinking green', but Asim gave a cracking talk about the way we should think green about software. ♻

Asim references The Climate Fix and the Principles of Green Application Architecture Design, which are two very useful references we all could use with taking note of. After all, we only have one planet (so far), so let's look after it. Asim also showed us a really good reference to an interactive electricity world map that outlines electricity consumption in different areas across the globe.

As a whole, the entire day was fantastic: well planned, well prepared, excellent speakers and excellent topics. I take my hat off to you all!

I fully enjoyed the whole day and learned so much.

I will definitely be attending All Day Hey every year, whether it's in Leeds or virtual. I feel the topics covered in this conference are really up my street and is where I want my career to go, it's like Klara said, I'm finding what works for me and All Day Hey 2020 definitely worked for me.

You can still buy a pass for the day and watch the recorded talks through the All Day Hey portal, where all the content will be available for up to 90 days after the event took place - All Day Hey 2020 took place on , so the content should be available until . I highly recommend this to anyone interested in front-end and design.

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