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Why to not support Internet Explorer

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Why you should consider no longer supporting Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft dropped support for versions IE10 and below as of
  • Microsoft strongly advised its users to move to Microsoft Edge because IE11 and below are not secure
  • Supporting Internet Explorer could mean double the development time because Internet Explorer cannot handle the new funky CSS, such as flexbox
  • It's old, when someone says "a modern browser", absolutely no one thinks of Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer is not an evergreen browser

Where does Microsoft stand on Internet Explorer?

Microsoft have advised all users to not use Internet Explorer and to move over onto their more modern browser, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft have stated that they can no longer guarantee the security of Internet Explorer.

They currently have plans to shut down the browser on approximately .

Where do I stand on Internet Explorer?

As a front-end web developer, I feel supporting Internet Explorer is not the smartest move.

I feel IE has held back the development of the web, if IE was shut down many years ago, the web would have progressed much further by now.

Supporting IE means all the modern CSS you know and love, such as flexbox and grid, can no longer be used, or will need polyfilling with a hack that will temporarily support IE. Performing the task of rewriting the same CSS twice is doubling the development time that is wasted time you could be spending on something more valuable.

What resources can you read that backup my argument?

Read the below resources on Internet Explorer: