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Monthly reflection - October 2020

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A reflection on my October 2020 of what I have done and achieved. Released 'Level-Up Your Career Today: Developer Edition', my first eBook...

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What did I do? 💻

Released my first ever eBook!!! Level-Up Your Career Today: Developer Edition

I released my first ever eBook, 'Level-Up Your Career Today: Developer Edition' on and I was so happy with the responses.

Launched Checka11y.css

Checka11y.css is an open-source project of mine and its intention is to be a developer tool that consists of a CSS stylesheet that will highlight some accessibility errors and warnings. Not all accessibility errors and warnings will be highlighted by Checka11y, and that's ok, because there are other tools developer could use Checka11y along with such as a text editor plugin and Chrome's Lighthouse feature. Not every accessibility developer tool is perfect, so it's a good idea to use a multitude of options.

It was amazing to see so many developers want to contribute to Checka11y, especially during Hacktoberfest. I feel contributors and issue raisers will be forced to research about the issue they are raising or resolving, therefore learning a little bit more about accessibility and get a better understanding.

Spoke about HTML & CSS at GeeksForGeeks SRMIST's Web Blow webinar

Super conversation with Francesco Ciulla


I recently discovered this website and really liked the idea behind it so I created some posts for some of my existing products and plan to use it more in the future:

Level-Up Your Career Today: Developer Edition

Level-Up Your Career Today: Dev Edition - An eBook by Jack Domleo focusing on your career! | Product Hunt


Cooltipz.css - A modern, customisable, accessible pure CSS tooltip library. | Product Hunt


Checka11y.css - A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns. | Product Hunt

Moved all my notes from Evernote to Notion

I'm not a pen and paper note-taking kinda guy, I like my notes to be cloud-based and easily accessed on any of my devices. I also love the fact I can type out notes because my handwriting is terrible.

Evernote wasn't not great, it's a good application. But I decided to give Notion a shot because of the big hype around it and it is my new favourite thing! Easily navigable, so performant fast, easy to use, looks neat! 🔥

Released v1.6.6 of Cooltipz.css

Just some general but possibly maintenance of the package.

Achievements 🎉

Reached 10k followers on Twitter

Got memed 😎