Level-Up Your Career Today: Developer Edition

Take control of your own career and start levelling up with this useful ebook to help you succeed.


This book will explore lots of tips, tricks and techniques for you to kickstart your tech career, get that promotion, create your community online and offline, and level-up your wellbeing and productivity techniques. We also look at self-development in the context of what you can do for yourself to boost and build your portfolio.

This is not a technical book, but one where I chat with you about my own experiences and share with you what has helped me get to where I am today, as someone who has no degree, has been in a tech career for just over 2 years and is super proud of what they have achieved.

You can expect to see lots of really useful techniques to help you improve your career and your portfolio. There will also be real-life examples from my own portfolio to put certain aspects into context.

If this sounds good, let's start levelling up today!

What are people saying?

As someone looking to make the transition into development from the public sector, the insight Jack has provided will undoubtedly help me as I begin to apply for developer jobs. The biggest value in the book is Jack’s ability to convey these ideas and concepts in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into the industry.

As someone who really had no idea if I could get into a more tech-based career without a computer science degree, this book helped me realise just how possible it is! Highly recommended for those just starting out, or like me have been on a different career path for a while.

This book proved very beneficial to me in helping me develop my career, a must-read.

I wish I had this book when I started out as a Junior Developer. If you want to clarify your skills, interests, professional goals and make the necessary changes in your habits then Jack's book is definitely for you!

Level-Up Your Career Today is an incredible resource for understanding why and how to progress in your career, to live a happier and more fulfilling life. It's well-structured, reads easily, and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about improving their professional life.

Level-Up Your Career Today is a comprehensive dive into the many facets that make up a developer's journey. Speaking from personal experience, with an aim to help you excel, Jack covers a large variety of topics worth exploring.

Having just started out my transition into a tech career, I'm glad that a book like this is available. It's great to have such a well thought out reference to be able to return to when I need a reminder of how to proceed and excel.

As an engineering manager who has hired several engineers over the years, I can say with conviction that Jack's book provides the right foundation to engineers who are starting out or even the senior engineers to make necessary changes in their approach to building their careers. There are several facets of things covered by Jack in this book such as things to focus on your portfolio, how to create and grow your online presence which makes it an invaluable read.

Freqently asked questions

  • The target audience for this ebook is intended to be, but not limited to, new developers starting out their career, whether that be people just coming out of school/college/university or people looking to make a career change into tech.

  • I've been rather successful in my career because I've been smart about the decisions I make, I'm proactive and I know exactly what I need to do to improve my portfolio.

    I want to help you help yourself! This ebook is designed to be a light but insightful read and to help make you aware of what you can do for yourself - the ebook can’t do it for you, only you can level-up your career hopefully using this book as a helpful guide. It will help you identify where changes may need to be made in your current situation and what you could do differently.