Hey, I'm Jack Domleo

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This is me

I'm a mid-level front-end developer from Nottingham, UK.

I work with Vue.js and TypeScript primarily, but you can find more in my toolbox here. I am the author of Level-Up Your Career Today: Developer Edition. I blog about tech and engage with the Tech Twitter community.

I like

  • front-end & UI/UX
  • self-development
  • tea ☕
  • ice hockey 🏒
  • to think 🤔
  • sunny holidays 🌞
  • Disney

Current occupation Developer at Mitrefinch

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What am I currently doing

Top projects

Some of my top projects and CodePens! You can also see all of my projects here .

Checka11y.css logo


A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns.

Cooltipz.css logo


A pure CSS library to help add customisable, accessible tooltips to HTML, available on npm, yarn and CDN.

A screengrab on www.tmdip.co.uk home page


A fully responsive website for TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd.

A screengrab on ellaparsons.design home page


A fully responsive portfolio website for Ella Parsons.


My toolbox of skills

A set of tools and technologies I am comfortable with and competent in:

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Vue.js

  • Nuxt.js

  • Sass/SCSS

  • Responsive Design

  • TypeScript

  • Git


A brief history of my employment. More details can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

  • Employment dates: -

    Company nameMitrefinch

    Job titleDeveloper

    Creating multitennant SaaS applications such as payroll and access control using Vue.js and TypeScript

  • Employment dates: -

    Company nameMitrefinch

    Job titleJunior Developer

    Created a centralised repository of consistent styles using SCSS, BEM and PostCSS to consume in new products

  • Employment dates: -

    Company nameflybmi

    Job titleIT/Developer Apprentice

    Used the Grav CMS to maintain the airline's website and React.js to maintain the airline's intranet

  • Employment dates: -

    Company namePrimark

    Job titleRetail Assistant

    Worked part-time for this fast-paced Nottingham high street store during my time in Sixth Form trying to balance my work hours, study hours and personal life

  • Employment dates: -

    Company nameJND Accounting

    Job titleOffice Assistant

    Worked part-time for this accounting company after finishing secondary school, making tea and coffee, filing, shredding and tidying up

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